James Pomerantz 

picture-231Agua Sagrada is the title of this series of photographs by Columbia-educated James Pomerantz. The photos were taken in Mexico at a cenote, which is a water-filled sinkhole, found mostly in the Yucatan, that the Mayans believed to be portals … Continue reading

The Strange Beauty Of Mexico City As Captured By Mark Powell’s Photographs 

Mark Powell is a Mexico City based photographer who has done an amazing job documenting his city. As someone who has lived in the city, I can attest that Powell’s images do the difficult work of capturing the gorgeous strangeness … Continue reading

Scott Dalton Photographs Of Mexican Faith Healers 

Scott DaltonScott Dalton, an award-winning photographer and filmmaker based in Houston, Texas documents the pilgrimage devoted to Mexican faith healer, Niño Fidencio, in Espinazo, Mexico. Through the years in Mexican cultural history, Curanderos (Faith Healers) have served an important role in … Continue reading

David Rochkind Documents The War Against The Mexican Drug Cartels 

mexican drug cartelsDavid Rochkind’s Heavy Hand, Sunken Spirit is a project about Mexico’s new normalcy: day-to-day violence and corruption due to Mexico’s violent drug war since the rise of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Since his time in office, the battle against … Continue reading

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Miguel Angel Ríos 

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